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    Wedding Films & Videos

    I don’t just capture weddings; I transform them into unforgettable stories.


    Hey there, I’m Zac, the creative mind at Fabian Wedding Films. I specialize in crafting cinematic masterpieces that truly reflect the essence of your wedding day. While Denver is where I hang my hat, my lens has ventured to capture love stories in New York, Texas, California, and beyond. I’m your go-to guy for destination weddings across the USA and around the world. If you’re on the lookout for an exceptional videographer, you might just have stumbled upon the perfect fit—yours truly!


    my vision

    I am excited to present Fabian Wedding Films—a culmination of my creative evolution. Tailored for discerning couples with a taste for opulence, each frame is a canvas, every edit a brushstroke, orchestrating a symphony of visual poetry. More than a brand, it is an ode to the unparalleled beauty inherent in love stories. Welcome to the artistry of your wedding day, where elegance seamlessly meets bold creativity. Amidst all this, I assure you, it remains an experience that is not only effortless but also incredibly fun for you.